Is there an age limit or other restrictions?
No, if you can walk, you can jump! However jumpers who are 42" or under are required to jump in our Junior Jump Zone during regular business hours (We do offer Toddler Time during the week specifically for jumpers 42" and under). Do not jump if you are pregnant or under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. As with any sport, we ask that you be in good health to participate and jump within your ability.

Do I need to sign a Waiver before I can jump at Rare Air?
Yes. Every jumper needs to sign a liability waiver before jumping. If you are under the age of 18, your parent or legal guardian must be present and fill the waiver out for you. Waivers can be filled out online or on one of Rare Air’s tablets at arrival. Each year an updated waiver will be required.

What should I wear to jump at Rare Air?
We recommend that you wear athletic attire that is comfortable and appropriate. Jeans with studs or rhinestones are not allowed because they can cause damage to the trampolines. Empty pockets are a must! Rare socks are required and available for purchase at front counter for $3.00 and are re-usable (provided that are in good shape).

Do we have to show up on the hour?
Jump times are every 30 minutes. Be sure to have your waiver filled out before you arrive or allow time to complete on arrival.

Is there a place to sit and watch my son/daughter jump?
Rare Air has stadium seating available for the 2 main dodge ball courts as well as a lounge area on the trampoline decking for parents to monitor their children.

Can I drop my son/daughter off?
We ask that all jumpers 13 years and younger be accompanied with an adult. Provided that a jumper’s waiver is already on file for the current 12 month period, guests 14 years and older may be dropped off at the park.

Can I bring food or drink?
We do not allow outside food or drink inside the Park. However we do serve a wide array of drinks and snacks at Rare Air’s snack bar.

Can I Purchase tickets online?
Yes you can. Click here!

Do I need to buy my tickets in advance?
Walk – ins are always welcome and during the week we can typically accommodate you. To ensure your spot we recommend buying your tickets in advance.

Is Rare Air Trampoline Park safe?
Rare Air employs the latest technology and safety engineering in an effort to make your jumping experience as safe as possible. Like any vigorous sporting activity, injuries can and do occur. However, injuries are rare and usually quite minor. Follow our safety rules and the chances of injury are even less.

Is there a weight limit on the trampolines?
Yes, the maximum weight on the trampolines is 300lbs.

Can I rent Rare Air Trampoline Park for a private party?
Yes, see our group rates

What is your refund policy?
All sales are final. No refunds will be given for any reason. Including non-usage.