Toddler Time

Toddler Time is dedicated to our jumpers 6 and under. We open our doors before normal business hours for little ones to jump at their own pace and comfort level.

Without the older kids around, our little jumpers feel right at home on all of the attractions. In addition to opening the attractions, we provide extra balls and toys for the kids to play with.  Join us for Toddler Time and experience the fun with your little ones!

If you looking for a fun and safe way to interact with your little one, join us for Toddler Time! Your child has the freedom to run, jump, and explore all 10,000 Sq ft of our trampoline arena.

Jump Socks are required. Parent is free with paying participant and purchase of re-usable Jump Socks.

Toddler Time Parties Available HERE.



1 Session

  • Friday mornings: 9-10am & 10-11am
  • Saturday mornings: 9am - 10am